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It's not always easy to write a good essay. It's tough even for great writers to always have their readers attention.

As Earnest Hemingway once said, "I write one page of masterpiece to ninety-one pages of shit".

But there is always room for improvement. An essay is all about planning, developing and executing in an efficient manner. So here are some tips for writing a good essay.

You should know what your main topic is, and you should not stray from it. Straying from your topic too much confuses the readers and labels you as an indecisive writer who isn't sure of his/her own work. And then the question arises as to how you can convince others when you aren't convinced yourself. Therefore, thoroughly understanding the essay topic is the first milestone.

Structure your essay well. Divide the essay into paragraphs with each paragraph focusing on one point. There must also be a logical link between the paragraphs. This requires an initial plan so that you have an idea about how your entire essay is going to be before you start.

Grabbing the readers attention is a must, and what better way to do it than starting your essay with a bang, or with some sort of question that lingers in the readers mind and makes them want to know more. Hence, writing a catchy introduction is helpful.

Also, make sure that clearly outline your position on the issue. This is done by preparing a thesis statement (one-sentence outline of your position). Then effortlessly shift the readers attention from the introduction to the body by preparing a good finishing sentence.

In the body you must support your thesis.

Always support your claims with evidence. Never make a statement you aren't sure about because you are sure to loose your readers trust. Depending on the essay, the evidence can be personal experiences, facts or statistics.

Always give credit when another author's or writer's words are used.

Always cater to your audiences needs and write at a level that the audience can comprehend. Tailoring your essay according to their needs and interests is a must. The best way to get through to people is to make them like and understand you.

Always write positively. It means that you should write what something is rather than what it isn't. Practicing the latter is counterproductive.

The most important aspect in writing an essay is maintaining correct grammar, punctuation and spelling throughout. Incorrect grammar and punctuation will displease the reader no matter how good your content may be.

The last part of your essay is the conclusion. Just like the introduction, the conclusion can make or break your paper. The conclusion must leave a lasting impression on the reader. The conclusion should sum up your entire essay and must re-state the thesis and the evidence provided in a short and concise manner.

Proof reading your essay is a very crucial point in order to avoid any sort of mistake. Therefore, this should be your final step.

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