How Do I Find Reading Time?

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Perhaps the main obstacle people encounter when trying to read more books is simply how to find reading time. The demands of daily life often make it feel impossible to complete each day's required tasks, let alone find the several hours required to complete an average book. Yet, in even the most rigorous schedule, recreational reading can be possible if you are willing to examine the options in a new way. What follows are four simple suggestions which might help you find the opportunity to read more in your daily life.

First, kill time with a book. Many people spend countless hours on electronic devices playing games or browsing social media to fill dead space while they are waiting for their next appointment or task. Those moments could easily be filled instead with a few paragraphs or even an entire chapter of a book, depending on the timeframe. Carrying a small paperback book in your purse or satchel can make those times of boredom suddenly full of possibility for imaginative or informative reading.

Second, read before bed. Some people find it relaxing to wind down before sleep by channel surfing or watching another rerun of their favorite sitcom or drama. Substituting that same time with a few pages from a book can be equally rewarding without the potential detriments to restful sleep that electronic screens sometimes cause. You'll likely find that you can fall asleep faster, and rest better, if you choose to unwind with a book rather than a TV screen.

Third, listen to an audiobook. For long commutes or mundane chores, consider turning off the radio and listening to an audiobook instead. There are currently numerous services available on the internet to affordably rent or purchase the best audiobooks, and you could consult your local library for available titles as well. While there are arguments that audiobooks do not qualify as actually reading, engaging your mind with fiction or non-fiction audiobooks can still accomplish the same goal of becoming acquainted with the text and in almost all cases, the material is identical to what is found in the printed version of the book.

Fourth, schedule an appointment with a book. People who thrive on a scheduled routine might want to consider integrating a solitary hour or two into their routine to simply sit in a quiet spot and enjoy a book. Think of it as a business meeting with your favorite author, the latest bestseller, or that dusty classic you've been meaning to read since high school. There is even the opportunity to increase productivity and efficiency by reading helpful non-fiction books on those subjects, which further justifies scheduling an appointment. Sometimes the solution to finding the time is simply making the time.

Although it can certainly be challenging to find reading time, it is possible. Few activities in life are more rewarding or beneficial than the simple act of reading; and finding the time to do so is easier than you think. If you are willing to creatively examine your daily schedule and adjust your typical habits, you can find that you do have the time you've been looking for to enjoy that book. Odds are that once you've incorporated reading into your daily routine, even more options than the few presented here will emerge and you will be able to comfortably consider yourself an official reader. Good luck and happy reading!

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