What are the current trends in literature?

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When you research the current rends in literature it would be hard to pin them down. Literature is an ever evolving art that takes on a life of its own. While the larger publishing industry is constantly looking for its next big thing, one cannot forget about the smaller publishers toiling away to help bring well crafted stories to an eager base of readers. The current trends in literature are not so far removed from what they used to be fifty and even a hundred years ago when publishers would get a package over the transom and learn that it was perhaps Alcott's Little Women. Now more than ever it is the job of the editor to hone and discover the newest and most current trends in literature. The editors have always held the keys to the literary world, but in the last few years they have had an especially tough job due to budget cuts at publishing houses and the onslaught of submissions by agents and authors alike. Online submissions have made it easier for writers to get their work to editors and without the extra step of having to go to the Post Office and pay for stamps, many more writers and agents are submitting work to publishers. Some of these writers have been great discoveries, but many of them have jumped the gun and submitted something that shouldn’t have been read by an editor yet. Editors, who are overworked since there are less of them, now must wade through a slush pile that has gotten larger and larger over the years, which means it takes longer for great literature to make its way to readers. Trends in publishing have been ever evolving, sometimes readers are not ready for what they read, as we saw with Philip Roth in the sixties and writers working on the smaller presses, like Press 53 or Dark Coast Press, now. Literature has also looked backwards recently, at older writers like Doris Lessing and JM Coetzee, who have recently won Nobel Prizes. While there are some very interesting and compelling young writers being published currently, the current trend in literature has not fostered them as it has in other decades, which could be detrimental to the industry in a couple of generations. There is a fear that young writers aren’t emerging at a fast enough pace and so editors and agents have recently decided to seek them out at MFA programs and universities. The good news is that these young writers are out there and smaller presses have been giving them a shot for years, which seems to point to the reemergence of the small press in literary culture. Just a few months ago Poets and Writers Magazine did a piece on small presses, stating that they are helping to save literature from itself. So it seems that even if the big publishing houses are having a hard time discovering new talent, the smaller presses, who take more risks, have seen more reward.

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