Any tips on surviving an all-nighter?

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Being a student, always busy between attending social events and surviving first heartbreaks is already hard as it is, add exams to the experience and you are doomed. Sometimes, or well, most times, students find themselves studying for the finals one week or even one day before they take place. All-nighters were therefore invented for those kind of students. Why waste your time during the day, when you can study all night long? Now, there is a big downside to this "all-nighter" thing, and that is: if you study during the night, when do you sleep and more importantly, for how long?

Surviving an all-nighter is actually quite simple as long as you don't do it often, and you are aware of the fact that during the next day you'll pretty much be useless to yourself or people around you. Now, there are few precautions to take before you even think of doing such thing:

1. The day you plan an all-nighter you have to relax as much as possible, don't do anything that is going to tire you and make sure that you got just the enough amount of sleep the night before.

2. You need to be fully concentrated all night, so forget about an afternoon drink with a friend or a big meal. If you drink, you get tired, if you eat something massive, you get tired. Either way, I would opt for a glass of water and smaller portions of food.

3. Turn off all of your electronic devices or put them on mute. Try to stay away from social media as much as possible and don't stare at the screen for too long because your eyes will get sore from all of the light and you will feel tired.

4. Make sure that the room you are studying in is bright, but that I do not have to say twice.

Okay, now this is just the preparation for surviving an all-nighter. The next part is the part where you actually have to study and that is the boring part, but you know you have to. Once you are ready, sit and imagine that you got the best grade possible in the exam you are studying for. By imagining it, you can already feel the success and it should be easier to start. These are few tips I can share with you:

1. Study for about 40 minutes and take a break for about 5-10. During that brake drink water, not coffee (coffee only gives us an illusion of us being awake and ready to take on the world, but once caffeine loses its effect we become more tired than we were before due to loss of hydration), eat fruit or a small piece of chocolate.

2. When you start feeling tired, get up and start walking. From one point, to another, maybe go to the other room if you can. Walk for about 10 minutes and try to clear your head. Make sure that none of the rooms are dark or have dimmed lights.

3. After about two hours of studying take a longer break. Half an hour would be enough. Use it to listen to some upbeat music or watch a fun TV-show, just to get the edge off and then go back to work.

By the time morning arrives you'll feel tired, probably. Now its all up to you. Go take a nap, go for a jog, whatever you want. You got through the night and maybe, just maybe, you actually learned something.

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